Spirit Week at the Mount

by · December 19, 2012

Sarah Favata and Margaret Treacy

Mount students Sarah Favata (left) and Margaret Treacy talked to Knight Life about their experiences during Spirit Week.

Knight Life: What were the big Spirit Week activities?
Sarah Favata: Mount Olympics, PowderPuff, Bonfire

KL: Can you describe Mount Olympics?
SF: Mount Olympics is a great school tradition for classmates to work together to display their school spirit in a battle of the classes. Classes compete for points by having the best skit, banner, and winning various obstacle races. The overall winner is presented with a trophy and bragging rights!
MT: It’s a competition of each grade. It is where every grade brings out its best of the class to compete in different events. It takes teamwork, practice, creativity, and communication to be the winner of the Olympics.

KL: Can you describe the winning skit? How much preparation went into that?
SF: This year’s winning skit was a Circus theme. They used the phrase “Can’t Be Tamed.” The skit involved a good portion of the sophomore class. Their costumes and props really made the performance spectacular. It seemed as though they practiced a lot.
MT: The circus lion killed all of the other classes (in the skit and in the games). A lot of time went into that. The makeup, the hair, the dance, and even coming up with the theme to decorate all they did must have took weeks!

KL: What about the Bonfire? What was that like?
SF: Bonfire was a great time to sit and talk with friends around the huge fire. We also got to have a fall feast and watch the dance and cheerleading teams perform.
MT: The Bonfire was the best this year. I loved having the food near the Bonfire.

KL: What’s your favorite part of Spirit Week?
SF: My favorite part of Spirit Week is Mount Olympics. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a team or not, anyone and everyone can/should get involved.
MT: Bonfire was my favorite part. I think fires look so calming. Of course, Spirit Week always takes place during midterm week so it’s nice to relax at one event.

KL: What Mount Olympic advice do you have for next year’s freshman class?
SF: Make sure to somehow get involved in Mount Olympics. Whether it’s the skit, swim relay, decorating the cake, or designing the t-shirt, it all needs to be done. There are plenty of ways to help out. It is a lot of fun! Definitely some of my favorite memories at the Mount so far are from Mount Olympics.
MT: Go to Mount Olympics. Get involved and team up with your class president to make it awesome. It is a great event and the reason freshmen never win is because they don’t think anyone else is doing it. Well, they are, so back up your president and get involved!

View the full slideshow from Spirit Week below or click here to view a video from Mount Olympics.

Sarah Favata, class of 2014, is a history major with a concentration in elementary special education from Northvale, New Jersey. Margaret Treacy, class of 2013, is a production and public relations major from Monroe, New York.