Alumni and Family Weekend 2012

by · December 12, 2012

Margaret Treacy

Student Margaret Treacy talked to Knight Life about her experience at Alumni and Family Weekend.

Knight Life: What were some of the activities at this year’s Alumni and Family Weekend?
Margaret Treacy: The family BBQ, wine tasting, the boat cruise, and the carnival night.

KL: How did students help with the event?
MT: They set up each event and made sure to direct any families to the place they were looking for.

KL: What was the most fun?
MT: I liked the wine tasting because I got to try a little bit of different kinds of wine. It was also awesome to see the plans for the Dominican Center. The cake was a very classy touch.

KL: What other kinds of events or activities do you participate in at the Mount?
MT: I try to do all of them. Wednesdays at the Knight Spot, spring weekend, trips, bingo, 21 clubs on campus, and any signs I see for other clubs.

KL: What advice do you have for students who are just starting their college career?
MT: Don’t go home on the weekends. College goes by so quickly. Don’t miss any opportunity on campus because your friends may go home. Most events are free and students sometimes say “there’s nothing to do” or “I have no money.” Just read signs and talk to people. Don’t sit in your room. Instead, go make friends by attending events and learn the real college experience.

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Margaret Treacy, class of 2013, is a production and public relations major from Monroe, New York.