From student to professional

by · December 5, 2012

Sheamon and Ross

Kimberly Sheamon (right) with Allan Ross of AJ Ross Creative Media

In a field like information technology, new developments occur daily. Because of this, it is critical not only to have the foundation set forth in the classroom, but also the hands-on experience that allows you to become more adaptable to these changes. The experience I gained interning as a web programmer at A.J. Ross Creative Media in Chester, NY was invaluable to me. From day one, I was treated as a member of the team and collaborated with the staff on real-world problems. Within a few weeks, I was independently programming websites for clients.

Through my experience, I developed my skills as a programmer while also learning about graphic design, marketing, and business. With so many overlapping areas, it is difficult to enter the workplace with just one skill set. I learned that programming means nothing if you can’t present a solid, attractive website to a client. Working with other professionals to develop the best product for the client is the key to success. Being included in the whole creative process gave me a firsthand look at how everything comes together.

My internship has given me knowledge that I may never have gotten otherwise. The coursework makes you knowledgeable, but the internship makes you professional.

Kimberly Sheamon, class of 2014, is an information technology – networking and web technologies major from Goshen, NY.