At the top of her game: Shanice Robe leads NCAA

by · November 14, 2012

Shanice Robe

Freshman Shanice Robe recently became the first player in women’s soccer program history to be named the Skyline Conference Player of the Year. Robe led the entire NCAA, including Divisions I, II, and III, with 35 goals and 74 points this season. She helped the Knights to a record of 17-4-1 and a berth in the ECAC Metro Region Tournament.

Knight Life: When did you start playing soccer?
Shanice Robe: I started playing when I was very young, I guess at about two. I grew up playing on concrete, most of the time in bare feet. The majority of the time I would play with the boys. They wouldn’t worry about marking me until I touched the ball and they saw what I could do.

KL: How did you end up at the Mount?
SR: I came here for an overnight visit and got to meet Coach Martini and the HEOP staff on the same day. I fell in love with the campus because of its size, the academics, and the chance to play soccer.

KL: The Knights had a great season, and you did, too. How does it feel to be leading the NCAA in goals?
SR: Words can’t even explain it; it’s a great feeling. I’m excited and proud and grateful, all at the same time.

KL: How has being on this team added to your overall college experience?
SR: Being on the team has helped me to grow up. The older girls on the team have served as role models for me. They’ve helped to make me feel more comfortable and to show a little bit more of my personality.

KL: Are you involved in other activities on campus currently?
SR: Well, certainly HEOP. It helps me to stay on track and to keep up with what I need to do. It’s kind of like a family thing, too.

KL: Are there other activities you’d like to participate in after the season is over?
SR: Soccer has taken up a lot of my time, but once the season is over, I’d like to be involved more with LSU (Latino Student Union), the Psychology Club, and the Diversity Club.

KL: What’s your dream job?
SR: I’d like to become a psychologist. I want to be able to help people, especially young people who may need help with their education.

Shanice Robe, class of 2016, is originally fom Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Valley Stream, NY at age 15. Currently undeclared, she hopes to pursue a degree in psychology at the Mount.

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