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by · October 31, 2012

Tom Kellett in The Imaginary Invalid

A Q&A with MSMC Theatre member Thomas Kellett

Knight Life: Did you do theatre before you came to MSMC?
Thomas Kellett: Sort of. I was in two musicals, but only as the bassist in the pit band. I did my first acting here at the school in a show we did called Flavio Betrayed.

KL: When did you get involved with MSMC Theatre, and what productions have you been a part of?
TK: I got involved in theatre in the fall semester of 2010 as Capitano in Flavio Betrayed. I played Argan in Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid in spring 2011 [pictured above]. I was an accountant, a doctor, and a priest in Machinal in fall 2011. I’m in the improv troupe, Improvocative, and I’m playing Benny Gilley in this semester’s play, The Mystery Plays.

KL: What kinds of parts are you drawn to playing?
TK: I love being a comedian and making people laugh, or being a psycho and leaving people’s mouths gaping in horror.

KL: What was your experience like in past MSMC productions?
TK: It’s incredible. I get to act, get hands on with set building and light production, and meet incredible people. All of my closest friends, including my girlfriend, are people that I have met doing these productions. It’s a really positive environment. Professor Phillips really knows how to bring out the best in people, both as people and as their characters.

KL: What would you tell students who are thinking about getting involved in theatre at the Mount?
TK: Do it! Professor Phillips is not afraid to cast newbies. Look at me; he cast me as a lead in my first two shows ever. The people that you will meet are incredibly helpful and friendly. Theatre at MSMC is what you are going to remember in 50 years, not what class you had at 10 am on a Wednesday.

Thomas Kellett is a senior at the Mount from New Hampton, NY, majoring in Hispanic studies with a minor in business. He will be performing in The Mystery Plays on November 8-10. More information about the performance can be found on the MSMC website.

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