You’ve Got Options

by · October 10, 2012

D. TaittThroughout the week, I find it so hard to make a decision about which student activity or event to attend at the College. On Mondays, I can go to Insanity at the Kaplan Center, or Zumba in Hudson Hall. Perhaps there’s a soccer game, and a lecture at 7 pm on ecosystems. It seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get to everything that’s offered so generously here.

The options that Student Activities and the administrative areas offer can keep you busy just making a decision. The Mount campus offers so many activities in one day that can suit your talents, inclinations, or even just your mood that day. If you don’t want to dance in Zumba, then you can watch a tennis match. If activity is not your thing that day, head to a Career Center workshop and learn how to compose a resume, or how to market yourself. Or activate your cerebral side, and take part in the Math Club or Creative Writing.

It’s a relief to have all of this familial support and engagement available on campus. The Mount’s faculty and staff greet all the students with a smile, and help you to examine your best options in terms of activities, classes, programs, internships, and even careers!

Diamond Jewel Taitt, class of 2013, is a journalism/media studies major from Bronx, NY.

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