My Experience as a Nursing Student

by · September 12, 2012

StethoscopeWhen heading off to college, you know your life is about to undergo a big change. You don’t know how big, or where it will take you. It is the experiences in college that make you a better person. In my time here at Mount Saint Mary College, I have grown and changed as a person from the major I chose, the friends I’ve made, and the team I’ve played on.

Nursing has taught me to be a strong, confident, and caring person. I will never forget when I was assigned to a patient who was mean, angry, and anxious. I tried to care for her as best I could, but nothing seemed to calm her down or make her happy. She was sent off the floor for an important diagnostic test, and I didn’t get to see her for the rest of the day.

Two weeks later, I received my new patient assignment, and found the name to be familiar. When I walked into the room, I realized that I was assigned to the same patient who had been mean and angry a few weeks earlier. As soon as she saw me, she said my name and told me how she remembered me.

She explained to me how, on that day, she found out she had stage 3 lung cancer, and apologized for how she acted towards me. No apology was needed, as I understood what must have been going through her head.

I asked her how she remembered my name, and she told me about her sister who had the same name as me that had passed away. She believed her sister was watching over her in the form of me, and called me her angel. It was a life-changing, eye-opening experience that I am very grateful for, an experience you can only find in nursing school.

Annie Llewellyn ’12 is from Brookhaven, NY, and studied nursing at the Mount.