Blake Keenan ’18 didn’t miss a beat before beginning graduate school at the Mount. In fact, as part of the 5-year BS and MBA program at the Mount, Keenan will soon be a double alumnus of the Mount, earning two degrees in the same calendar year.

The Accounting major from Fishkill, N.Y. appreciates the ease with which he was able to transition into the graduate program. “It’s great having the same teachers and not having to adjust to new learning styles,” he notes.

He noted, however, that graduate school isn’t just a continuation of undergrad. “The classes are problem and discussion based,” he said. “It’s geared towards management, class discussions, and has a heavy current events focus.”

His favorite class thus far has been American Business History, which analyzes the business aspects of how the country was formed in order to get ready for changes that the future may bring. He also appreciates how the debates in class are great at getting the mind thinking.

Even if one didn’t get a bachelor’s degree from the Mount, Keenan still highly recommends the program. “The professors realize that you didn’t go here for undergrad and are so helpful to get you acquainted with the Mount. It’s a small community with an open door policy – everyone is ready to help.”

Right: Keenan volunteered his time to the Tax Aide program as an undergraduate student at the Mount.

After graduating in December following a full 4.5 years of hard work (Keenan was able to shave off half a year by taking on extra credits during undergrad), he plans to take the CPA exam – and a hard-earned break. “I want to go on vacation!” he says with a laugh.

Still, the soon-to-be double alumnus wouldn’t have it any other way. “When I was applying to schools, I didn’t realize that the Mount was well known for its business program, but being part of the program has made me realize that the school has a very solid reputation in the field. Our accredited program and the fact that it is a School of Business (and not just a division) makes employers want to hire out of the Mount’s Business program. The school is constantly providing connections to the real world, which also helps us to network and connect with potential employers. I am proud to be graduating with two degrees from the Mount’s School of Business because of the great preparation I have had for the real world.”