24 Oct


Catching Up with MSMC Knight Connor Nicholson



Knight Life recently caught up with Connor Nicholson, the Knights Basketball Shooting Guard from Staten Island, to talk about life as a student athlete and his favorite moments playing for the Mount.

1. How do you balance playing a sport and being a student? What do you do to unwind?

Time management is the biggest thing for a college student athlete. Practices are usually late at night during the week, which makes it important that you take classes in the morning. This gives you time during the day to get all your homework and studying done. Our off day is usually Sunday, so I like to just relax in my room. I’ll order some food and watch football with my teammates.

2. What is a typical week like for you when you are in season?

Time flies by when I’m in season. We have about one or two games a week and practice every day. It can be stressful with all the school work, practice, and games. This is why time management is so important. Especially as an education major, I have a lot of field work and I’m off campus at elementary schools in Newburgh. My week consists of class, homework, studying, and practice. If you work hard during the week, it allows you to give yourself some time to relax on the weekend.

3. At one point, you were still in high school trying to navigate where you wanted to go to college and who you wanted to play for. What advice can you give to high school students who are feeling the same way?

When I was in high school, the college recruiting process was very stressful. The Mount was the one school that really stood out to me. The most important thing to remember when visiting all these colleges is whether you see yourself being happy there for four years. Don’t choose a school because of their gym or how nice their jerseys are. Make sure they have your major and see if you would get along with the guys already on the team. Most importantly, make sure the coach is someone you can relate to and talk to on and off the court. Your coach is someone you should be able to go to with a problem, whether it’s about basketball or personal life.

4. Now that you are a senior, what are you hoping to do after graduating?

I am hoping to land a teaching job in my hometown, Staten Island, New York. I am pursing childhood/special education certification at the Mount and I’m really looking forward to entering the real world. I love working with kids and I’m very excited to teach. It’s important that kids have a teacher or role model that they look up to and is there for them.

5. What has been your favorite moment playing basketball at the Mount?

This is a tough one. There’s so many great moments I’ve had here. One that stands out to me is when we were playing SUNY Purchase at home during my sophomore year. We were down by three points with 10 seconds left and I caught a pass from my teammate Gerard Nocera and knocked down a three to send the game into overtime. We ended up winning the game.

For more information about the MSMC Knights, visit their website at www.msmcknights.com

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06 Oct


Meet Three of Your MSMC Senate Members


Above: Isabella Tartaglione, Olivia Bogle, and friends at Bonfire 2015.

You may have seen them dressed in their business casual clothing every Tuesday for their Student Government Association (SGA) meeting. You’ve probably seen them at every event you’ve ever attended at the Mount. Most of these students make up Mount Saint Mary College’s Senate. In the midst of a busy semester, Knight Life caught up with SGA Vice President Kayla O’Connor, SGA Secretary Isabella Tartaglione, and Community Outreach and Philanthropy Chair Olivia Bogle.

Knight Life: What about the Mount inspired you to run for a Senate position?

Kayla: The sense of community at the Mount inspired me to run for a Senate position. The way that everyone comes together to attend events is remarkable. I asked myself how I would be able to take up a leadership role for these events. When I saw that the fliers were posted to run for a position, I made it my mission to get involved.

Knight Life: As a third year Senate member, what are some things that Senate has done in the past that you hope will be brought back for the 2016-2017 year?

Isabella: We’ve had a lot of comedians come to campus and they’ve always been a big success, but I think bringing back a concert would be awesome! We had The Ready Set open up for We The Kings a few years ago, which was exciting because they were so popular at the time. I think that a country concert would be a lot of fun especially if it could be done outside.

Knight Life: What is something that you would say to freshmen students who are unsure about whether or not they should run for a Senate position? 

Olivia: If you are a freshman student and you are unsure about running for a Senate position, I say, just do it! Being on Senate is something that will give you the ability to really make a difference in the student body and the experience that your classmates will have during their four years at the Mount. If you have great ideas, are a passionate person, and really want to make an impact, then the effort of running for a position is worth the risk. Always remember that when you take that leap of faith to do something like running for a position on Senate, you might be inspiring others around you to become involved. I can confidently say that being involved since my freshmen year has been paramount in shaping who I am today.

21 Sep


Meet Your SGA President: Steven Tobey


If you’re ever at a Mount Saint Mary College lacrosse game, you’re bound to see our team’s goalie blocking shots. While he may seem entirely focused on the game, what you may not see is the hours this goalie spends off the field acting as the Mount’s Student Government Association (SGA) president. Elected as the president in April, junior Steven Tobey is motivated, driven and prepared in his new leadership position. Continue Reading

26 Jan


Investing in the future: Mount students visit N.Y. Stock Exchange


Mount School of Business students at the New York Stock Exchange.

More than two dozen Mount Saint Mary College students recently got an inside look at New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan.

Sponsored by the college’s School of Business, Student Business Association (SBA) and Career Center, the trip took students on a walking tour of Financial District sites in New York City, culminating with the Stock Exchange.

Peter Greco, a business student with a concentration in finance, was surprised to see fewer people on the floor than he expected. Greco’s tour guide explained that over the last decade, much of the business has moved online.

A highlight of the visit, Greco observed, was the ending bell. “Everyone was cheering,” he said. “It was like you’d see in the movies.”

Thomas Barnes, business student and SBA secretary, was pleased with the wealth of information he learned. “This was a great experience,” he said.

Kathleen O’Keefe, associate director of the Career Center, and Regina Eisenbacher, administrative assistant, organized the outing.

“This trip was truly amazing,” said O’Keefe. “Just watching the students on the Stock Exchange floor listening to the traders and asking questions was so incredibly rewarding.”

More than a dozen Mount School of Business students visited the New York Stock Exchange.

Learn more about the Mount’s business and Career Center programs on the web at www.msmc.edu.

Questions? Email admissions@msmc.edu or call 1-888-YES-MSMC (1-888-937-6762).

25 Jan


Summer research isn’t just for science majors


Mount Saint Mary College students in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program worked with Professors Lee Fothergill and Michael Daven to come up with math problems which will be used for education purposes. Here they stand within a sculpture by Richard Serra at the Dia:Beacon museum.

Every summer session, Mount Saint Mary College students have the opportunity to investigate a plethora of stimulating subjects through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE).

Brittni Troy conducts an observational study of the forest understory at Mohonk Preserve in Ulster County, N.Y.

The earthen smell of the Mohonk Preserve forest set the backdrop for Brittni Troy’s recent observational study. Using a small iPad-like device, she recorded the species, density, and height of the understory vegetation. She then created a map to be used in land management decisions, such as where and when to set controlled burns.

For English major Amanda Wright, SURE was all about the sweet sound of classic Jazz. Wright and her mentor, English professor Nancy Von Rosk, delved into an iconic period of American history through editing the upcoming book, “New Approaches to the Jazz Age.” Wright assisted with researching and gathering materials such as photographs, primary sources, and scholarly articles, as well as with editing essays.

Science professors James Moran and Suparna Bhalla supervised biology/pre-med major Hannah Mulhall, who researched immune responses of lab mice to the cutting-edge blood substitute, OxyVita. Developed by the OXYVITA Corporation in New Windsor, N.Y., OxyVita could be manufactured as both a liquid and a powder, and is the first working blood substitute in powder form in the world.

Mathematics professors Lee Fothergill and Mike Daven, and students Jennifer Kurtz and Toni Navarro, visited local landmarks such as Dia:Beacon and the Franklin D. Roosevelt House in Hyde Park, N.Y. to create “Hudson Valley Math Trails.” The project mixed mathematics with art, history, and more.

Allister Collins and chemistry professor Lynn Maelia test the efficiency of Collins’ rocket stove.

Learn more about the Mount’s science and research programs on the web at www.msmc.edu.

Questions? Email admissions@msmc.edu or call 1-888-YES-MSMC (1-888-937-6762).